Park Basket

It was a crisp autumn day in October 2006 when GBB members gathered at Idlewild Park in downtown Reno to create a basket sculpture endorsed and publicized by the City Arts and Culture Commission.  The basket, created in the style of British nature sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, is a temporary structure and will only last until someone kicks it in or it's blown away during a Washoe zephyr!

During the early summer of 2008, the basket in Idlewild Park was completely rebuilt from the ground up.  By the following spring the basket had again disappeared.  It was decided to find another venue for our public basket sculpture.  We approached Bill Carlos at the Rancho San Rafael Arboreteum with the idea of creating a large basket sculpture in the arboreteum with cuttings from the native trees and shrubs planted there.  He was very enthusiastic about the request; therefore we will again build a large public basket sculpture in the arboreteum in the spring of 2010.  We're hoping it will provide a better and more secure venue, with less deconstruction of our public art form.