Great Basin Basketmakers presents Karen Trembreull

                         Nov 3-6, 2021 Karen Trembreull Workshops

“As a fiber artist focused in basketry, my medium is derived primarily from the environment. I am continuously inspired by the abundance of natural material that surrounds me and find myself driven to experiment with barks, roots, and fibers that seem to lend themselves to textile applications. Care and patience are necessary for the gathering and processing of the materials. I enjoy combining traditional basketry applications with other historical fibers arts and metalworking techniques such as: piecework, lace making, and fabrication. My basketry forms are a celebration of the harmony that is intertwined between these materials and traditional methods.” Karen Tembreull

Coming in November We have rescheduled Karen Tembreull’s visit to Reno for November 3, 2021. Karen is the owner of Barks & Roots Basketry located in L’Anse, Michigan. All classes are limited to 12 students; there will be a waiting list once the class fills. The class cost will be $40-$50, at this time we have not scheduled the days the classes will be held; please let us know if you can only attend a Saturday and which class you would prefer. This will help us make the four-day schedule, if you are coming from out of town to attend we will try to arrange housing for members. Please contact Lorrie Moore at or Karen Olson at if you have any questions concerning classes or signing -up for the classes. We will begin taking sign-ups at the May meeting, first come first serve. Please pay the material fee at the time of signing-up for the class, the class fee will be collected at the class. Mail your payment to: GBB, PO Box 11844, Reno, NV 89510

Apple in the Pine (Material fee—$85) Level: Intermediate / Advanced The base begins with a vintage spigot handle, threaded with Cedar bark. Twine the base with waxed cotton cord and iris leaves to upright. Using thinner Cedar and wider Willow bark learn the fun and challenging Japanese knot weave. A basic braid track border completes the piece. (4” x 4”)


Fluted Constellation (Material fee—$75) Level: Intermediate / Advanced Beginning with a unique threaded base of Willow and Cedar barks; weave this sweet and functional basket with an interesting twist. The fluted sides and rim are resultant of a weave change to the basket. The braided Cedar rim enhances the overall flow. (6” x 6” x 2”)
Double Helix (Material fee—$85) Level: Intermediate Students will heat fold and stitch a hexagonal Birch bowl with split Spruce roots. Next a spiraling liner of hexagonal to bias woven Willow or Cedar bark (or a combination) will be added. The braided rim of Cedar bark was taught to me by Dawn Walden. (6” x 3”)
Barks on the Bias (Material fee-$100) Level: Intermediate Students will learn to weave this non-traditional basket with thin Birch bark. Overlays of Poplar and Hemlock barks will be added for color and textural notes. The faux braided rim was taught to me by master basket maker Dawn Walden and is executed with Cedar bark. A hanger handle is sewn and installed with fine brass washers to secure the stitching. (7” x 6” x 5”)


Remember, GBB offers grants to members to help offset cost of attending classes, workshops, conferences or the retreat. The application form is available on our website. You may contact any of the grant committee members: Betty Hulse, Susan Lester, and Karen Olson for further information.