"A Basket of Blessings"
for artists and other lovers of the Spirit

A perpetual calendar to enjoy year after year
Created by Mary Lee Fulkerson

Begin each day with a blessing to yourself
and the day will rise up to greet you.

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Plant Book Cover

                   "Weaving Naturally in the Great Basin:

    A Guide to Harvesting and Preparing Plant Materials for Basketry"


     Are there plants in my garden and surrounding area I can use for basket making?   We hope this book will be useful to you in exploring this question.  One of Great Basin Basketmakers' original members, Nadine Tuttle, who has since passed away was instrumental in inspiring this book.  Her knowledge, field notes and research provided over 100 pages of information on identifying, harvesting, preparing and using plant materials found in the Great Basin area of Nevada.

   This book is arranged by common plant name in alphabetic order, with over thirty plants described for their use in basket making; including growing habitat, harvesting times, storing and weaving preparation. Many of the plants featured in the book are available in other regions of the country.  The spiral bound book has a full color gallery section as well as line drawings of the plants used for basketry.  There are tips, hints and project instructions for making baskets from natural materials as well as a section on making cordage.   We want to thank all the GBB members who contributed information on plants and their weaving experiences as well as photographs of their work.


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Books are available for purchase at the monthly guild meetings or send your External link opens in new tab or windowbook order request with your check (include the shipping fee) to:   Great Basin Basketmakers
                                       8175 S. Virginia St. #850
                                       PMB 293
                                       Reno, NV   89511


 "Self-Guided Walking Tour of the Great Basin Basketry Plants"

GBB is proud to announce the availability of a brochure highlighting a self-guided tour of the basketry plants within the Arboretum.  A dedicated team produced the document, which includes a map of those plants included in our publication Weaving Naturally in the Great Basin. Copies of the brochure can be found at the External link opens in new tab or windowRancho San Rafael office.  Check out all the other opportunities happening at the park!


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